American Host Families

At AHLI, we match American host families with international middle and high school students for the best experience. We understand the importance of providing a safe and secure environment, that’s why we only place students with warm and caring Christian host families. This provides for personal growth and social development as well as the opportunity to learn about American culture and hone English language skills. 

Homestays are needed to support our summer program opportunities. Please complete the form below to apply to host.

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We work with different types of host families – young families with or without children and middle-aged couples as well as retirees. Some of our partner schools operate their own internal homestay programs. These schools have significant experience with homestay programs and typically recruit host families from within the school community. 

Host families and students can create bonds that last a lifetime. Watch this video to get a glimpse of the fun and friendship they share as they blend their lives and cultures as one family.

Girl Studying

Host Family Responsibilities

The host family treats their student as a family member – involving them in activities, excursions and household chores.  A monthly stipend is paid to the host family to offset expenses related to hosting the student. 

Students are provided with the following:

  • Bedroom with study area and access to WiFi
  • Three balanced meals a day for middle and high school students, two for adults
  • Transportation to school for middle and high school students
  • Assistance with shopping, doctor visits, emergency care, etc.


Every host family has to pass a criminal background check, and an interview as well as a home inspection conducted by AHLI. The home should be located within reasonable distance from our partner school in order to provide easy transportation for the student. 


AHLI is here to support both the host family and the student, and to act as a mediator should a situation arise. Our coordinators are available to assist students and host families in the adjustment process and throughout the course of the student’s stay in America. They are available 24/7 for emergency assistance.

Like mentors, the coordinators meet the students regularly to ensure they are progressing well academically and socially. A progress report is also prepared to update the students’ parents on a monthly basis. AHLI, host families and school personnel provide an important support system to ensure student success.

Become a Host Family

If the role of a host family excites you, please connect with us!

Video Gallery

  • Linh Tran

    Linh Tran | Vietnam

    I received a lot of support from AHLI and my host parents. Staying in the AHLI program had helped me to gain new experiences, grow and adjust to the new life in America. 

  • Suprakit Sri Awut

    Supakrit Sri Awut | Thailand

    I value the experience of living with my host family whom I had never met before. I have grown a lot through dealing with challenges, learning the English language and understanding the American culture. Through my experience here in the U.S., I have also learned how to get along with people. 

  • Jee Weon Jeong

    Jee Weon Jeong | South Korea

    I had a great time being with AHLI. The New York trips and monthly dinners with my coordinator were wonderful. AHLI helped me a lot academically and socially. Thank you AHLI!

  • Ian Chen

    Ian Chen | Taiwan

    I appreciate AHLI for finding an awesome host family for me! When I first came, I found it challenging to talk to people in English. With help from my friends and host family, I am now confident with the English language. 

  • Quiru LI

    Qiuru Li | China

    My host family is a blessing to me. We work things out really well as we understand that both sides need to make adjustments when we live together. This is now like my second home! 

  • Pilar Gonzales

    Pilar Gonzales | Spain

    I love my host family very much. They treated me like a part of the family. After the AHLI summer program, I returned the following year on my own to visit them as I missed them so much!

  • Chanmi Seo

    Chanmi Seo | South Korea

    "AHLI found one of the best American Christian schools for me as I was looking for a school where teachers are caring and students are friendly. AHLI always made sure that I was doing well. My coordinator met with me for dinner every month and supported me whenever I met with challenges."