On behalf of AHLI, it is my great privilege to say Congratulations to our 52 graduates! Your journey has not been an easy one compared to your fellow students. You have braved a new country, a new culture, a new language, a new home, and a new school- all to make your way to this summit. As you look back on the path you have travelled, you will remember challenges, adventures, hopefully laughs, and many people who have supported you to rise up to the apex on which you stand. Take a look around at the magnificent view you have. It is quite the accomplishment!

You probably have been told that in addition to SAT scores, colleges consider your essay and extracurricular activities when making an acceptance decision. College acceptance committees look for well-rounded, mature, young leaders to invite into their community. Volunteering is a way to display your interests and develop your own character through helping others.

As we “March” into April, many of you are thinking of what comes after high school. As you prepare for post-secondary, such as college or university, we wanted to give you an international student’s perspective on taking this next big step in life.

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it can often feel like the longest because of it being in the middle of the winter with cold, dreary days and the end of school still far in the distance. Due to COVID-19 and winter, are you finding yourself feeling... Anxious? Stressed? Overwhelmed?

As we jump into 2021, it’s a great time to think about bolstering your vocabulary! Not only does both the ACT and SAT test your breadth of knowledge on words, but having an extensive lexicon will improve your communication and comprehension skills. Every good mechanic has a big toolbox. A mechanic uses just the right tool to tune up an engine to make it stronger and more powerful. Vocabulary is like a sturdy tool in your toolbox, just like punctuation, grammar, and style that can “power-up” your writing.

What makes a successful high school student? There are many ways in which a young person can be successful, but planning ahead is essential. Planning for the college application process starts early in high school which involves college visits, completing high school classes to the best of one’s ability, becoming a well-rounded student who volunteers, participates in extra-curricular activities, and leads well with integrity.

Everywhere you look, you see political campaign signs, billboards, and media ads. Even if you are not currently in the United States, it is important to understand the U.S election process as the outcome influences all countries. While the presidential candidates get the most attention, in this election, citizens will also be voting for seats in Congress, which is where laws are written and passed. Congress consists of two chambers: House of Representatives and Senate. All 435 seats of the House are up for re-election, and 33 seats of the Senate.


Developing new habits is not easy, but as you have returned to school you have seen the importance of needing healthy habits to be successful in your social, physical, emotional, and academic life. Last month we talked about the Habit Loop and how we need to be consistent with a new routine to create a new habit. This month we are focusing on how small changes add up to big results. Let’s look at ways you can start this school year with little steps to build better habits.

Welcome back to a new school year!  Whether you are learning virtually from your home country or attending in-person classes, we are glad to have you part of our AHLI family. Our Staff, Directors, Coordinators, and homestay families have been eagerly preparing for you to join us. Of course, this year will look different than previous years; however, with challenges come new opportunities.

The end of the school year has come and gone- without fanfare, celebrations, yearbook signings, parties, and farewell hugs. Many of you may be reading this from your home country. Others may still be in the U.S., but sheltering at home to finish your studies. It’s understandable you are struggling with disappointment or even anger that your plans did not unfold as you had hoped.