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CSIET Certification for 2019-2020

AHLI is pleased to receive the CSIET certification status for Standards for International Student Exchange.

AHLI is:

1. Committed to ensure our programs are designed to fulfill educational purposes related to an international experience
2. Our programs have clearly established goals and learning objectives to fulfill the educational purposes of the program.

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Student of the Month

Meet our "Student of the Month", Yewon Lee, a 6th grader at Pikes Peak Christian School ("PPCS") in Colorado.

Yewon won 1st place at the "PPCS" track meet, she is excelling in her academics, enjoys cooking, playing volleyball and basketball. Yewon likes hanging out with her younger host sister.

Keep up the great work, Yewon, we are proud of you!

Baytown Christian Academy

AHLI announces a new partnership with Baytown Christian Academy ("BCA") in Baytown, Texas.

Baytown Christian Academy offers a challenging academic program including Honors and Dual Enrollment options in a Classical setting. "BCA" has a high acceptance rate into excellent universities.

Baytown Christian Academy's facility include a state of the art Science Laboratory. An award-winning athletics program and extra curricular activities to encourage students to develop their gifts and talents.


Salem County Christian Academy

AHLI is pleased to announce a new partner school, Salem County Christian Academy ("SCCA"), Jr. and High School. "SCCA" is located in Pennville, New Jersey.

Salem County Christian Academy offers a strong academic program for both junior and high school students including Dual Enrollment opportunities.

"SCCA" includes a vast array of extra curricular activities including athletics and an award-winning Fine Arts program offering: drama, strings, choir, art and piano.


Student of the Month

Meet our "Student of the Month", Patrick Han, Senior at Faith Christian Academy in Pennsylvania.

Patrick strives to maintain his perfect attendance record and excellent grades in all classes especially AP Calculus are his top priorities.

In his free time, Patrick has been working on the sets for the spring performance and volunteers to help with the senior class fundraising efforts.

Keep up the great work, Patrick!

St. John XXIII College Preparatory

AHLI is pleased to announce a new school in Texas. St. John XXIII College Preparatory and is located in Katy, Texas.

St. John XXIII College Preparatory is an excellent school for college preparation offering academic programming with 31 AP and Honor courses and 100% of graduating students enrolling in college.

Dozens of extra-curricular activities as well as a strong athletic program will benefit students in a variety of ways for college enrollment and team-building experience.


Student of the Month

Meet our "Student of the Month", Juhyeong Kim, 11th grade student at Covenant Christian School in Florida.

Juhyeong received 3rd Place in a Math competition and helped Covenant Christian School bring home 1st Place.

Juhyeong excels in academics, recently nominated for Student Council and serves in a leadership capacity in the Pre-K classroom.

Keep up the excellent work, Juhyeong, we are proud of you!

Pantego Christian Academy

AHLI is pleased to announce our first partner school in Texas. Pantego Christian Academy is located in Arlington and offers a strong academics program including AP, Honors and Dual Enrollment.

Students are encouraged to experience fellowship, exercise responsibility and demonstrate commitment to chosen activities including leadership development, athletics, fine arts, clubs and volunteer service.

Student of the Month

Meet our AHLI "Student of the Month" Yulong Zhong, 12th grade student at Liberty Christian Academy in VA.

Yulong is currently a member of the National Honor Society, the BETA Club, an Honor student and has Perfect Attendance! He enjoyed playing on the Liberty Christian Academy Football and Track teams.

Homestay parents, Duane and Sharlona Morgan, quote "We have had a great experience hosting international students, they have become part of the family".

Keep up the great work, Yulong, we are proud of you!

Student of the Month!

AHLI Student of the Month!

Meet our AHLI "Student of the Month" SunMi Jang, 9th grade student at Eden Christian Academy in PA.

SunMi recently received High Honors at ECA, participates in the International Club, enjoyed organizing and planning of the Korean Thanksgiving event and maintains excellent grades.

Homestay family, Steve, Angie and Savannah Good, quote "hosting SunMi has changed our lives for the better" and "thank you, AHLI for giving us the opportunity to host her again".

Keep up the great work, SunMi, we are proud of you!

AHLI Student of the Month!

Meet our AHLI "Student of the Month" Khanh Pham Ngoc "Kylie" Nguyen, Senior at Berks Catholic High School in PA.

Kylie is an active student with excellent grades. She is currently involved in the Business club, the Math team, Habitat for Humanity, the Choir, the Yearbook and the Student Government.

She is motivated to teach herself how to play the piano and the guitar and is gifted in art and photography.

Keep up the great work, Kylie, we are proud of you!

AHLI Student of the Month!

Yangkaiqi "Kitty" Ren, 12th Grade student at Valley Christian High School in Arizona nominated as Senior Class Treasurer.

She was nominated as the Senior Class Treasurer and enjoys the responsibilities and roles associated with this leadership opportunity. In her free time, she enjoys singing Karaoke, shopping and hiking.

Kitty has a demanding academic curriculum and works extremely hard to keep up with the Advanced Placement Calculus and English classes, not to mention Chemistry and Economics.

Host parents, Michael and Misti Bell wanted to help Kitty finish out her Senior year at VCHS, especially since Misti is an alumni the school.

Great Job, Kitty, keep up the great work!

Toledo Christian Schools

AHLI announces a new partnership with Toledo Christian Schools located in Toledo, Ohio.

Toledo Christian Schools offers a comprehensive and academically rigorous education including AP and Honors courses.

A wide range of award-winning athletic and fine arts programs will enhance the educational experience for students.


Trinity Academy, North Carolina

AHLI is pleased to announce a new partnership with Trinity Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina. Trinity Academy offers innovative, Classical and a learning philosophy for inspiring and educating students now and for higher educational opportunities.

An award-winning athletic team and plenty of Fine Art options ensure a well-rounded educational experience.

Trinity Academy also supports a unique Prefect structure that encourages leadership, organization and community service projects to help students learn to accomplish specific goals.


Spartanburg Christian Academy

AHLI announces a new partnership with Spartanburg Christian Academy in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Spartanburg Christian Academy offers a rigorous academic program including AP, Honors, Dual Credit and online virtual high school courses.

Extensive opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities including their award winning Athletic, Fine Arts and Robotics programs for an enhanced academic experience.


Xavier College Preparatory High School

AHLI announces a new partnership with Xavier College Preparatory High School in Palm Desert, California.

Xavier College Preparatory High School offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum including 22 Advanced Placement and 25 Honors courses.

Numerous co-curricular clubs, activities and a full range of athletics are also available to enhance their academic experience.