I’m really glad that I have had this privilege to live with my host family. By living with them, I experienced the traditional American holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter and I learned some new ways to deal with things. I enjoy my life here in America and I appreciate AHLI to find an awesome host family for me.
Annie, Taiwan (Student)
AHLI is a very dependable agency and I had a great time this year. Although a different cultural environment is a challenge for me, it helps me strengthen my worldview and teach me new ideas. It’s a very meaningful year.
Michael, China (Student)
I know we made a real difference in Danny’s life and that was really rewarding. It also gave us contact with his Korean friends and allowed us to influence them for life.
Melinda Grant, host mother.
Opening our home to host international students has been a very positive experience for our entire family. The sacrifice is small compared to the huge benefit of wonderful friendships and the cultural exchange of ideas and customs.
Dan and Sheila Eckman, host parents
AHLI provided me with a good opportunity to study in America. I learned how to get along with teachers, students and other people, so I made a lot of friends. I started to think what my world is. I really thank AHLI for these two years.
Samson, China (Student)
There were hard times when I missed my family and had loads of school work, however, having a host family was truly a huge help. I loved the years I spent with my host families, and I'll miss them a lot.
Jin Soo, S.Korea (Student)
We have hosted mostly Japanese girls in our home since our kids were very little and our daughters now have a larger world view. They know a little more about cultures outside of their own. Our daughter is formally learning the Japanese language and wishes to pursue a career as a translator. We thank God and AHLI for such wonderful opportunities.
Bill and Jo Scheidt, host parents
AHLI is a wonderful organization, which has a lot of good school resources. The staff are very responsible and respond quickly. They can give you a quick reply within 24 hours. AHLI provides great help and support to our agents. Their staff always gives you helpful suggestions. They are so nice. AHLI is worth for everyone to work with.
Jessie, Agent with North American Education and Exchange Institute/Really Life, China
Looking back at my high school years, the most helpful part was living with host parents who really took care of you. I think the most important aspect for growth in time of adolescence is attention. There are several core values that allow people to be successful and by living at someone else’s house they taught me numerous valuable lessons, such as how to cope with others and follow rules, which helped me and will help me through out my life.
Jin Woo Chung, S. Korea (Student)