Short-Term Programs For International Students

Students encounter a world much larger than their own when they participate in educational and cultural experiences in the U.S. To meet varied interests and budget, AHLI has designed a selection of exciting short-term programs for international students

With a proven track record of customizing programs to suit special interests, we will be glad to work with our partner agents to design an itinerary to match specific needs. 

Agent-Designed Program

With a professional team of program planners, strong network of partners and a long history of success, AHLI is well-placed to offer customized itineraries for a wide variety of interests.

We serve a broad range of ages and agenda, including unique programs that require special connections. As an example, a trip to study the 1979 nuclear disaster at Three Mile Island (Middletown, Pennsylvania) was organized for a group of Japanese who sought to understand how the U.S. dealt with such a situation, having experienced a nuclear accident in Fukushima themselves. Robert Reed, eye witness and former mayor of Middletown, was invited to offer his insights and share his experience with the Japanese group.