Academic Programs For F1 Students

Pursuing academic programs for F1 students in the U.S. is a major decision and a heavy investment. At AHLI, we understand what it takes to make the right choice in schools and programs to enable F1 students to achieve the best outcome and fulfill their academic goals. We offer four types of academic programs for students of middle school age to working adults. Students attending these academic programs will come on the F1 visa. For information on summer camps and programs with shorter duration, please visit the Short-Term Programs page.

Summer Program options are now available for current AHLI and Non-AHLI students. See our Short-Term Programs page for more details.

High School Program

F1 High School Program

  • Full-time program for at least one academic year from 9th to 12th grade
  • Choice of 160+ schools across 28 states
  • Goals range from wanting a US educational experience to acceptance at a good US college or university
  • Students who meet graduation requirements will be awarded a high school diploma
  • Wide selection of courses including Honors and AP courses for college credits
  • Choice of schools with rigorous college preparation curriculum, athletic focus, strong fine arts program or a combination of any of these qualities
  • ESL tutoring, SAT/TOEFL preparation and subject tutoring classes are available if required
  • Homestay or residential housing with AHLI Director/Coordinator guidance and support
  • High Acceptance rate into "Top 100 Ranked" Universities
  • Many AHLI graduates receive generous academic/merit scholarships to attend their university