Our Students

Students of varying ages from across the globe join AHLI programs to pursue a high school education, improve their English, experience American culture, or enhance their skills at sports.

Our students in the high school program have achieved great success, with many accepted at the top 10% of nationally ranked universities and offered generous amounts of merit scholarships. AHLI helps bring their dream to life.

AHLI Students' Acceptance At Top 10% Nationally Ranked Universities

National UniversitiesNational Ranking1
Johns Hopkins University10
Bryant University10
University of Rochester, New York33
College of William & Mary, Virginia34
Case Western Reserve University, Ohio37
University of California, Irvine39
Boston University, Massachusetts41
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign41
University of Wisconsin, Madison41
Notre Dame de Namur 48
Ohio State University52
University of Washington, Seattle52
Purdue University, Indiana61
Syracuse University, New York61
University of Pittsburgh66
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities69
University of Massachusetts, Amherst70
Baylor University, Texas72
Michigan State University75
National UniversitiesNational Ranking1
University of Massachusetts, Amherst 75
University of Iowa 82
SUNY Stony Brook, New York 89
SUNY Binghamton, New York 89
University of Colorado 89
Ohio Wesleyan University 95
University at Buffalo, SUNY, New York 99
Rochester Institute of Technology 102
University of Nebraska, Lincoln 103
University of Oregon 103
University of Tennessee 103
University of Dayton, Ohio 108
University of Oklahoma 108
University of San Francisco 108
Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 115
University of Arizona 121
Arizona State University 129
Washington State University 140
University of Cincinnati 140
Liberal Arts CollegesNational Ranking2
Franklin & Marshall College, Pennsylvania40
Fine Arts CollegesNational Ranking3
Rhode Island School of Design4
School of Art Institute of Chicago4
Pratt Institute - School of Art and Design, New York15
Parsons School of Design, New York27

Ranking data source: U.S. News Education Report 2016
1 Ranked with National Universities. A total of 1,376 universities was ranked.
2 Ranked with National Liberal Arts Colleges. Total 254 colleges were ranked.
3 Ranked with Fine Arts Colleges based on graduate programs. Total 246 colleges were ranked.

Jee Weon Jeong | South Korea

I had a great time being with AHLI. The New York trips and monthly dinners with my coordinator were wonderful. AHLI helped me a lot academically and socially. Thank you AHLI!

Pilar Gonzales | Spain

I love my host family very much. They treated me like a part of the family. After the AHLI summer program, I returned the following year on my own to visit them as I missed them so much!

Qiuru Li | China

My host family is a blessing to me. We work things out really well as we understand that both sides need to make adjustments when we live together. This is now like my second home!

Supakrit Sri Awut | Thailand

I value the experience of living with my host family whom I had never met before. I have grown a lot through dealing with challenges, learning the English language, and understanding the American culture. Through my experience here in the U.S., I have also learned how to get along with people.

Linh Tran | Vietnam

I received a lot of support from AHLI and my host parents. Staying in the AHLI program had helped me to gain new experiences, grow and adjust to the new life in America.

Ian Chen | Taiwan

I appreciate AHLI for finding an awesome host family for me! When I first came, I found it challenging to talk to people in English. With help from my friends and host family, I am now confident with the English language.