Homestay Tutoring

If you want to enhance your English skills while experiencing the American lifestyle and culture, this will be a perfect program for you. You will get a firsthand experience of living with an American family. This AHLI uniquely designed Homestay Tutoring Program is suitable for both teens and adults and can range from one week to multiple months of the year. Location choices include California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

You will also enhance your English skills through formal ESL lessons where qualified ESL teachers will teach and host in their homes. With ESL lessons tailored to your proficiency level, you can expect to improve your English communication skills and enhance your vocabulary.

Host family activities such as playing sports, picnics, shopping, and local sightseeing provide plenty of opportunities for cultural immersion, developing friendships, and improving English. For an additional fee, full-day trips to major cities can be arranged.

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