Partner Schools

Attend the Best American Schools

AHLI has successfully placed international students in U.S. academic programs for over 30 years. With a network of more than 165 accredited schools across 29 states, we have partnered with the best American schools to support international students pursuing a variety of educational interests. Additional partner schools and institutions are continually being added – allowing AHLI to meet the ever-evolving needs of today’s promising international students.

Find the Right School for You

Choosing the right school is key to a student’s success in achieving his/her academic goals. AHLI’s education consultancy services, coupled with our trusted network of the best American middle and high schools, are set up to help students successfully enroll in schools best suited for them.

Private & Public Schools

  • Wide selection in terms of tuition cost
  • Variety of school locations, sizes, and program specialties
  • High School Diploma with AP/Honors courses (for college credits)
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma programs
  • Schools with STEM/Robotics focus
  • Schools with a sports focus
  • Schools with fine arts focus
  • Short-term school experience programs
  • Boarding schools

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