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An Easter Movie Invitation

Sacrifice At the Cinema

Take a quick look at the video clip below and then read on to learn more about the ultimate sacrifice.

What an interesting question… why do our favorite movies always have a hero making the ultimate sacrifice? Could it be because deep down inside of us, we all want to be loved in such an immense way that can overlook our mistakes, selfishness, and mess ups, to see us as a treasure worth the great cost of sacrifice.  

What makes these movies so captivating is that the hero does something spectacular on behalf of those who could not save themselves. The greatest story ever told could be one of these blockbuster movies! It has miraculous events, skeptical political leaders, the suspenseful foretelling of danger, and the intense display of love by the sacrifice of one for the redemption of all.  

This Easter, don’t get distracted by the chocolate bunnies, pastel-colored eggs, and sweet jelly beans. A story has been in the making for over 2,000 years, and you are an important part of the script! Our world and each of us were created by a loving Creator for the purpose of perfect relationship and enjoyment with Him. But as most movie plots go, our human desires and selfishness lead to sin- wrong choices which damage that perfect relationship.

Now this is where the movie plot gets interesting… we could have been left living with brokenness and death, but our Maker made a way to restore us to perfect relationship that lasts beyond the grave, by sending a perfect sacrifice, His Son, who knew no sin and was willing to take on our mistakes and the price of our failures. It was not an equal exchange, our sin for His purity… the Son experienced the weight of sin so fully that when he died by being nailed on the cross, the skies turned black, the ground shook, and even the heavy temple curtain separating the holy from the unholy was torn from top to bottom. Some might think this is the climax of our movie, but it’s not. It’s still coming! The true power of the story comes 3 days later, when the Son defeats death and comes back to life as the risen Savior!  

Because He was willing to face death on behalf of all people, He invites us to accept this free gift to be an actor in the Creation story. God is inviting you to join in this life-changing movie today. Don’t miss out! 


Tiffanee M. Wright, MA, MPH | Executive Director
AHLI – International Education and Homestay

 Students, reach out to me on WeChat to tell me what you think of this incredible story!