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COVID-19 Vaccination Availability for Minor Youth 12 Years and Older

The COVID-19 vaccine has now been made available to everyone 12 years old and older, residing in the U.S. The two shot vaccine requires up to 28 days to be administered in addition to time needed to make the appointment arrangement. Current students may not have the needed time to obtain it before their planned departure. The vaccines have been authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for Emergency Use only.

Recognizing that some students may wish to obtain the COVID-19 vaccination, the AHLI COVID-19 Vaccination Release Form must be signed first. AHLI would like the natural parents to be informed of this opportunity, although AHLI and its affiliates will not be advising the students either way on this decision. AHLI wishes this decision to be totally dependent on the assessment of the student and their natural parents.

Prior to a student taking action to schedule a vaccination appointment, they must have their natural parents request the Release Form from their agent if the parent is working with an agent. The Release Form is to be signed, scanned and emailed to the AHLI office at 

The AHLI COVID-19 Release Form can be downloaded here:

AHLI COVID-19 Vaccine Release Form