Part-Time J-1 Program Director

Position Overview

The J-1 Visa Exchange Student Program operates under the U.S. Department of State Office of Bureau of Cultural Affairs to offer high school students from all countries a 1-year opportunity to study in a public high school while living with a volunteer (no stipend) homestay. AHLI is a designated J-1 Exchange Program Sponsor appointed to accept and place up to 10 students per year.

The J-1 Program Director will report to the Executive Director who supervises all operations related to the J-1 Exchange Student Program (academic-year).

The J-1 Program Director will supervise Area Student Coordinators within the J-1 Exchange Program to ensure safe homestay placement and quality student support throughout the academic year.

J-1 Program Director will not personally maintain more than one role except in cases of short-term emergency unless authorized by the Executive Director (e.g. Director will not be Coordinator or host family for their own student).


  • Motivated by the AHLI mission to place students in Christian homestays where they will experience the love of Christ.
  • Able to access networks of potential host families or recruit and maintain people who can access such networks.
  • Detail oriented in the context of overall goals and purposes.
  • Able to clearly and concisely communicate with overseas agents on student issues.


The AHLI J-1 Program Director is a part-time, remote employee position. Work schedule is flexible and can be completed as needed in a timely manner.

Full Job Description: AHLI J-1 Program Director Job Description

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